Delta Hasegawa

tortured artist, damaged beauty


“I don’t create art because I want to…I do it because I have to. I am art, you see…”

Name: Delta Hasegawa
Apparent Age: 19 Birthday: 2/27
Nationality: half Japanese, half French
Bloodtype: O-
Seeming: ? Kith: ?
Virtue: Charity Vice: Wrath
Court: ???

Hair Color: Silvery Blonde
Hair Cut: Slightly shaggy, wavy, and cut to just above the chin. Parted on the left.
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Skin Tone: Deathly Pale
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 117 lbs
Overall Appearance: Delta prefers to wear form fitting suits inspired by the Victorian era. He always looks immaculately groomed and carries himself with an ethereal grace. He also wears a pair of small circular silver-rimmed glasses.


Delta Hasegawa

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