Epsilon Hasegawa

strange go player


“Sticks and stones may, indeed, break your bones…but my words will rend you asunder.”

Name: Epsilon Hasegawa
Apparent Age: 19 Birthday: 2/27
Nationality: half Japanese, half French
Bloodtype: O-
Type: Unknown, apparently human
Virtue: Prudence Vice: Wrath

Hair Color: Silvery Blonde
Hair Cut: Bone straight and cut in a very sharp line just above the cheekbones. Parted on the right.
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Skin Tone: Deathly Pale
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 135 lbs
Overall Appearance: Epsilon generally wears very nice designer suits, always in black with a red accent pin in the tie. Occasionally, he will wear a kimono or yukata around the house (especially if he is playing go with someone), always in dark colors. He wears a pair of silver oval wire-rimmed glasses.


Epsilon Hasegawa

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