Onyx Kuro

Good looking Detective


“You wanna see something that will really blow your mind?”

Name: Onyx Kuro
Apparent Age: 23 (forged records indicate 34) Birthday: 1/07
Nationality: half Japanese
Bloodtype: A+
Type: Apparently human
Virtue: Justice Vice: Envy

Hair Color: Jet black with a silver streak in the bangs
Hair Cut: Straight and shaggy, cut to just above the cheekbones, parted on the left,
Eye Color: Steely Gray
Skin Tone: Very pale
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 175 lbs
Overall Appearance: Very lean and muscular, he moves with an effortless catlike grace. Onyx prefers to dress comfortably and often wears t-shirts or turtlenecks paired with nice jeans or well-fitted slacks. He always wears very expensive Italian loafers.


Onyx Kuro

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