Regina Stiletto

Hard-ass Personal Assistant Extraordinaire


“You are such an idiot, it’s a wonder you’re still alive. Give me your secrets and I’ll give you my assistance.”

Name: Regina Stiletto
Apparent Age: 28 Birthday: 11/13
Nationality: Korean
Bloodtype: AB-
Seeming: Fairest Kith: Draconic/???
Virtue: Temperance Vice: Pride
Court: Autumn w/ Court Goodwill: Spring

Hair Color: Black
Hair Cut: Very straight, long, cut to just below her shoulder blades
Eye Color: Golden with blood-red around the irises
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 130 lbs
Overall Appearance: Regina is lithe and svelte and carries herself in a very assured way. She is very athletic and prefers to wear pantsuits of more retro, 80s styled cuts. She always carries a monofilament whip at her hip. Though she prefers to wear masculine clothing, she tailors it to fit her form.


Regina Stiletto

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